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How to distinguish the quality of the backlight

Do you guys know how to distinguish the quality of the backlight? Let's just introduce it to the market-leading LED backlight:

1: Whether the brightness is bright enough. This is actually the quality of the lamp beads (the gap between good gold wire lamp beads and alloy lamp beads is very large) and whether the light transmittance of the light guide plate is a recycled board material (generally, the manufacturer has a professional brightness test) Instrument detection, ordinary people can only visually judge how to fit their needs).

2: Whether the light source is uniform and whether there is internal pollution (Will it be bright and dark at the same time, generally the production plant can reach more than 86% can be used. When the production workshop is unhygienic, it may cause stains on the acrylic board. ).

3: Aging to see if it is not bright or the light decay is obvious and whether the product is flickering (maybe leakage, unstable, short life).

4: Whether there is light leakage (when the shading paper is not completely attached or the cutting size is out of order, it will cause light leakage)

5: Is the power consumption of the current and voltage correct? Otherwise, the product will be directly damaged or the ideal optical effect can not be achieved.

6: Will the lamp bead turn off? (Whether the amount of glue is sufficient and whether it is completely dry)

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