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LCD screen with black spots or stains how to repair

Cause analysis: Because the image and sound are normal, the dark spots or smudges are fixed, and have nothing to do with the image. Therefore, it is determined that the failure phenomenon is not caused by the image processing circuit, but is caused by impurities in the screen. In other words, the fault is caused by the optical components in the screen. In the past, for the failure of the optical components in the screen, a new screen was required for repair. In fact, it is too expensive to replace a new screen for a warranty machine, which is much more expensive than buying a new machine that is currently produced. In fact, the optical components in the screen are faulty. The faults are simple and easy to remove, so it is necessary to try to repair the LCD screen module.
Maintenance process: First remove the LCD screen from the whole machine and disassemble the optical components of the LCD screen module. The outermost layer is a liquid crystal panel, with two thin polarizers underneath, and a thicker white light-transmitting panel with a uniform light effect. Below this slab is the light box. For a machine with a smudge failure phenomenon, after disassembling the screen module, it was found that the white light-transmitting plate and the opposite side of the light tube box had a black dust-like powder surface. After cleaning, assemble the screen module, start up, and malfunction. exclude. For another machine with dark spots, a black dirt was found between the two polarizers. Solution: Use a clean soft cloth with pure water and clean the dirt. But pay attention: there are several layers of optical sheets in the screen module. When disassembling the screen module, you must remember the disassembly steps, so as not to forget the mutual position of each lens during assembly.
1. Avoid scratching, twisting or hitting the surface of the LCD screen; avoid the liquid crystal display approaching open flames and other high temperature objects; absolutely do not spray or pour any liquid on the surface of the LCD screen. When cleaning the LCD screen with water and cleaning solution, make sure the cleaning cloth is dry degree.
2. You can use a soft, soft linen and a non-alkaline cleaner to wipe the display case (for example, you can use a 1: 1 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water to wet the soft linen).
3. Usually dry and soft soft linen is used to gently wipe the LCD screen surface. Antistatic LCD screen cleaning cloth can also be used to clean the LCD screen.
4. After using the LCD for a period of time, sometimes you will find scratches or scratches on the LCD screen. In this case, you can use a soft dry cloth to gently wipe the above marks. If you still cannot wipe these marks off, you can moisten a soft cloth with LCD cleaner and wipe it gently. After wiping, please dry the LCD screen.In addition, 52-inch ones should also buy cleaning liquid.


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